Affective materiality, senses and cozy homes

This is a collage of cozy places at home.

The 15th SIEF Congress was held in June, 19–24 2021 as a virtual event. As we wrote in our last blogpost, the SENSOMEMO research group attended the congress by organizing a panel and a workshop. Both were very fruitful, as the speakers and participants offered excellent food for thought addressing the issues of affective objects … Read more

SIEF2021 Conference: Panel & Workshop about Affective Materiality and Atmospheres of Home and Belonging

One of the key concepts of SENSOMEMO research project is atmosphere, which we explore especially from the viewpoint of material objects. Since the beginning of our project, we have wanted to analyze what kinds of impacts objects and items can have on people as well as how and what kinds of objects are used to … Read more

Ugly objects

On midsummer, it will be exactly 26 years ago that my mother died. After her death, many of her things remained with my father until he died 10 years ago. Then my siblings and I had to go through the various items that had once belonged to them individually, to them as a couple, and … Read more

Esineisiin kietoutuvia ajatuksia dokumenttielokuvassa Neiti Aika

Katsoin viime joulun aikaan Yle Areenasta Elina Talvensaaren dokumenttielokuvan Neiti Aika (Elokuvayhtiö Aamu Oy, 2019). Pidin sitä varsin vaikuttavana, joten katsoin sen vielä myöhemmin uudelleen ja päätin kirjoittaa sen teemasta tähän blogiin. Elokuva osui nimittäin suoraan moniin SENSOMEMOn tutkimusteemoihin ja siihen, miksi pidämme esineitä kiinnostavina tutkimuskohteina. Neiti Aika käsittelee Talvensaaren ja tämän puolison ostaman asunnon … Read more